Necosystem Platform works with Quadruple Helix model: services are for collaboration between SMEs, social- and healthcare, education, research and civil citizens. Our services are offered across borders between Sweden and Finland. The main actors providing services are currently Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Luleå University of Technology, Oulu University, City of Luleå and City of Kalix. Necosystem collaborates with regional actors e.g. OuluHealth, Business Oulu and Region Norrbotten.

How to reach Necosystem?

To start collaborating and using our services you can reach us by Necosystem´s public discussion group or contacting (FIN) or .

For Necosystem members

Via this platform you can reach all Necosystem stakeholders.

We offer also possibilities to arrange matchmaking and innovation workshops. This is possible to do as a student work (free of charge) or with the help of university employees (prize according the amount of work hours).

You can market your product, research or services by publishing blog texts on our platform.

For SMEs

  1. Via the platform you can reach the representatives (end users, management, development) and the customers from the public sector in social and healthcare.
  2. Necosystem platform supports You by offering innovative environments for innovation processes. More information about testlabs on next page.
  3. The expertise of the universities brings in the research-based product and service development. We are able to use our expertise and students to help with different stages of innovation work.

If your company wants to cooperate in the product development or testing with social and health care professionals in Well being Services County of North Ostrobothnia, you can submit a request for cooperation via the OuluHealth Labs contact form ORCHIDEA .

For Social and Healthcare

  1. Through this platform, you can highlight the development needs of the social and health care sector.
  2. You have the opportunity to test the products and produce information on new good practices.

For Research and Education

  1. You have the opportunity to develop evidence-based innovations to social and healthcare.
  2. You can highlight evidence-based needs in innovation work within social and healthcare.

For civil citizens

  1. You have an opportunity to influence the services and future solutions in social and health care.