Labs and Innovation Environments

Via NECOSYSTEM you can test ideas, products and services etc., both in labs but also in real life settings. 
Below you find the Labs and Innovation Environments of NECOSYSTEM.

Human Health and Performance Lab – Movement Science

Contact person:

Ulrik Röijezon

We offer (expertise, tools, devices): A full movement science lab for assessments of human movement behavior, including

  • 3D-motion analyses with both an i) optoelectronic camera system, and ii) a more mobile full body IMU system.
  • Forces, e.g., using force plates and various dynamometers.
  • Muscle activity with wireless electromyography systems.

In addition, we have various equipment for experimental disturbances of balance and other motor control functions. We also develop and validate new technologies and methods for clinical applications, e.g., VR and sensor technologies. The lab group includes researchers, phd-students and lab technician.

We are looking for: Networking, collaborations and funding for research on various aspects of human motor control, e.g., i) in musculoskeletal pain, ii) balance control among people of older age, but also highly skilled such as iii) musician and iv) athletes. We have a special and unique interest in investigating motor control and learning in fly casting (fly fishing) and welcome collaborations with national and international companies and associations sharing this interest.

Human Health and Activity laboratory (H2Al)

Contact person:

Anneli Nyman

The activity laboratory is designed as the next generation of “smart homes” where parameters of a person’s daily activities can be followed with different types of systems. The lab has passive systems that are integrated into the environment (for positioning of people and things) and active systems that are carried by the person (to monitor physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiration, muscle activity, skin conductance, eye-tracking and cerebral activity).

The lab group includes researchers in occupational therapy, pervasive and mobile computing and a lab technician.

We are looking for: Networking, collaborations and funding for research on various aspects of human performance of daily activities in the home environment.

Kronans vård- och omsorgsboende – Luleå kommun (
Luleås modernaste boende slår upp portarna – Vårt Luleå (

Contact person:

Henric Barsk

We offer test beds to test new technological innovations, we want to be at the forefront of digitalization in health and social care.

We are looking for Companies, universities that want to test new technological solutions in health and social care.



SimLab (

SimLab pages in english are published in october!

Contact person:

Eija Hautala
tel. tel:+358505820070

OUAS SimLab is versatile testing, development, and innovation environment in the health and wellbeing sector that companies and other partners can use in the product development of health technology and wellbeing services.

OUAS SimLab’s physical environments consist of versatile laboratory and simulation facilities for the health and wellbeing sector. We can also integrate testing, development, and research services into the authentic environments of the wellbeing services as part of OuluHealth Labs.

We offer possibilities to test, develop and do research on health and wellbeing products and services for companies and other partners. Also, staff training is part of our services.  In our services, we can utilize the interprofessional work of undergraduate and postgraduate students and expert teachers. Our areas of expertise are related to nursing, public health nursing, midwifery, emergency care, social work, bioanalytics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, optometry, radiography and radiotherapy, and oral health care.


OuluHealth (more information coming soon)

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