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ByadminSeptember 11, 2022

Case Nordic Fit Mama

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The cooperation between OAMK and the NACCOP project with Nordic Fit Mana began after the company submitted a testing request to OuluHealth Labs’ contact channel. The company hoped to have its online coaching product Rehabilitative Core ® tested on mothers who had given birth at the maternity clinic.

Through OuluHealth Labs, we found an interested maternity and child health clinic partner for the company. The company’s product was already ready and on the market, so the company’s interest was to receive feedback on the product not only from mothers, but also from the staff of the maternity clinic. To collect user experiences and feedback, the company was planning a survey, the goal was to get dozens of mothers to test the product. The testing of the product takes place over a period of six weeks, so we had to reserve plenty of time to collect feedback from the entire research team.

Through Oamk SimLab, we got three physiotherapy students interested in the topic to do the research. The students designed the survey together with the company and carried it out in cooperation with the maternity and child health clinic. For the company, the students prepare an accurate and detailed research report on the implementation and results of the survey. With this assignment, the students were able to complete a compulsory course of professional studies for them.

Company representative:

“I was pleased with the report, it was well written and illustrative. It was easy to work with the students and they acted proactively.’


“The project gave valuable experience in project work with an external actor”

 “Cooperation with different actors was smooth and flexible”