NACCOP closing event

Are you interested in marketing your company’s product to citizens and social and health professionals in northern Sweden and Finland? And are you willing to hear about the need for innovations in social and health care?

Representative of the social- and healthcare, come tell us about your needs and hear about the innovations that SMEs across borders have to offer you!

Welcome to the NACCOP CLOSING EVENT to see what the NACCOP platform and ecosystem have to offer! The NACCOP closing event is about networking.

When: September 13th in TORNIO and in ZOOM from 9.00 (SWE)10.00 (FIN) to 13.00 (SWE) 14.00 (FIN).

Registration: Register from this link .                      The registration ends in June 10, 2022.


9.00/10.00 Welcome and a short presentation on the results of NACCOP

9.30/10.30 Need for innovations in social and health care

10.00/11.00 Presentations by SMEs (15min each) 

11.30/12.30 Grab a coffee and some snacks

11.40/12.40 Hybrid networking and collaboration 

12.45–13.00/13.45-14.00 Ending the day

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