About – NordicEcosystem (NECOSYSTEM)

Welcome to the nordic platform for innovation work in health- and social care.

Via this platform, you can expand your network and find others working in health and social care.

You can collaborate 1) in different phases of product and service innovation 2) on research 3) on education.

By registering (for free!) as a member, your company/organization will gain visibility. You can also market your company / organization via the Necosystem Facebook Page. You can share experiences, knowledge and have discussions in the Necosystem discussion Group.

The platform is a facilitator, offering the opportunity to reach and to get in contact with others, which means that all initiatives are driven by the members themselves. If you are searching for collaboration partners, knowledge, networking, discussions, etc. the NECOSYSTEM Platform is the place to be!

Short video about NECOSYSTEM.org functions : Necosystem Guide

Background of NECOSYSTEM

The platform started in the NACCOP project co-funded by Interreg Nord,  Lapinliitto and Region Norrbotten in year 2020. NACCOP (Nordic Arctic Co-creation Platform) project’s aim was to strengthen the innovation work of SMEs in healthcare and well-being by offering an Arctic innovation platform for the Nordic countries. NACCOP platforms aim was to support ecosystem work and to provide a network of innovation environments and services.